jenny’s bachelorette // the main event. encore beach club.

for years, when we’ve asked jenny what she wanted to do for her bachelorette party she always said she imagined a pool party… a real crazy pool party. well, there’s no better place for a crazy pool party than las vegas – encore beach club to be exact – so that’s what we did.
knowing it would be a zillion degrees in the desert in mid-august, we decided on a “lilypad” (verses a daybed) for the group which is basically like a round daybed + umbrella floating in the water. perfection. we had a place for our cocktails, matching visors + sunnies and lipgloss. what more do you need?
the pool party didn’t disappoint. it started with early morning haircuts… a private escort into the party which was followed by special pool performances by the bachelorette and the day ended with the bride walking down the strip in her white swimsuit and wobbly headband to hail the rest of us a cab. #bachelorettepartysuccess

for the rest of the night we laid around in our comfys in the suite, ate greasy food (whoever ordered 40 McD’s chicken nuggets is amazing), drank champagne, laughed at photos and stories from earlier in the day, talked a lot about periods (have you heard of a pad belt? – yeah, look it up) & laughed until we cried listening to tone tell stories.

the maid of honor and bride to be.
nice heels, pete ;)
we all wore lion and tiger temporary tattoos in honor of the groom-to-be.
bachelorette getting “a haircut”
ashley laying the “4-inch trim minimum” down on tone… who took it like a champ!
SunnyD. the classy chaser.
that is a sexy bachelorette if i’ve ever seen one.
the UA girls representing.
any classy bachelorette needs accessories… huge ring. huge eh, water bottle. check!
visor with veil, wiggly penis headband, giant glam sunglasses. check!
… oh, and don’t forget the beautiful plastic penis necklace. check!
oh sure, you can escort us through the encore to our private lilypad. fiiiiiiine. colby loves it – look at her.
i can’t think of an appropriate caption.
he taught us a saying – not appropriate. our nickname for him – not appropriate.
ahhhh… there she is. encore beach club in all her glory.
kim k. kicking things off on the lilypad. gettin’ the party started!
magnum love (the bottle size).
our friends – then enemies – then friends again.
shannon… MOH/Bachelorette #2
those girls.
why so pouty bride? is it because one of your wobbles went limp?
eh, colbs… trying to avoid the water? screaming at someone to “manhandle” the bride perhaps?
cheers! do. not. spill. 
our personal landing pad in front of the lily pad. maybe this is where all our period talk stemmed from.. hmmm.
shannon was taking a dancing break and temporarily guarding the pitcher of vodka.
top secret scavenger hunt dares in progress.
colby ain’t got nothin’ but love for the bride.
… and then a magnum bottle of vodka is gone.
matching sunnies & sexy cat tats. nice wallet, colbs.
just a casual cruise down the strip…


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