three years a mr. + mrs.

it was a date i obsessed over. i must have typed it and doodled it a thousand times. i sought council from girlfriends to select the perfect font in which it would be displayed on websites, save the dates, invitations, programs and more. should we write it with the zeros or without? periods or dashes? oy vey. i’m so sorry, girls. but hey, i guess every girl will be there at some point in her life – a bride-to-be stressing over things that really don’t warrant stress.

for a year, i had a countdown clock to this ever important date,  
and today it’s already three years since “the big day” – hard to believe.
time really does fly when you’re having fun.
happy 3rd anniversary, mr. bockting.

for our anniversary, i wrote danny a love letter titled “the first decade.” it’s a long letter. i secretly carried it in my purse  the entire weekend in portland and finally read it to him after a long day of wine tasting. i got nervous – almost like reading your vows again. as we hit the decade mark, it was important to me that i document and share with him the little moments that i’ll never forget – or never want to forget. the things he may have never known. the way i was feeling at certain points of our relationship. more than milestones, my deepest thoughts, the way i was feeling during those times. moments that will stick with me till the end. the small things i’ve never told a soul, until now. 

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