baby interaction: uncles vs. aunts.

we spent some time with our niece miss makaela this weekend. our interaction with her couldn’t be more opposite. 

time with uncle danny went like this…
ummm… uncle danny, do you have any idea what you’re doing? 

i don’t like this! stop tipping me!

seriously… get that thing away from me! get a life, uncle dan.

dude, seriously. you’re starting to bother me. i don’t want to be clipped!
leave me aaallllooooonnneee loser! pick on someone your own size!

yup, now you’ve really pissed me off. i may not look tough in a bib, but i swear…

oh? you think this is funny? yeah. i don’t. i’m gonna get that thing and clip you.

alright. alright. we can be friends again. 
and then there was time with auntie teri…
ooohhhh… pretty bracelet.

let’s play tutu and pink princess dress up…
and give kisses…

and do holiday appropriate crafts…

and look at ourselves in the camera while taking pictures….

…. and read books nice and quietly.

and of course let’s put on tons of chapstick.
and back to uncle danny to be crazy… 
let’s throw the ball around everywhere!
and play “keep away” from an 18-month-old! 
really cool danny! you’re winning! 

but the one thing that both aunts & uncles are great at — getting them riled up, giving them a chapstick and then…
bye bye!


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