eek! i’ve gone to the dark side.

take II
for those of you who remember my horribly tragic attempt at going dark in 2003, this is a lot different and much better. why? because it wasn’t done in a bathtub. it’s not “black widow” from a box. and it’s not permanent dye. (what were we thinking???)

i’ve been in the mood for a change and contemplating brunette for a little while. 
a week ago, danny and i were playing around with this fun online hairstyle app… 
and then i mustered up the courage to start texting with my stylist. she told me she had a cancellation on saturday afternoon and it was mine if i wanted it. i stopped texting. the next morning i woke up to a text… “did you lose your courage little lamb?” and i booked it. come saturday night, i was a full blown brunette. 
i wasn’t really nervous about going dark, i was more nervous about the thought of having to get back to my blonde hair if i didn’t love it because i knew it would be a long process. but, the color turned out just how i wanted. warm & rich with some lighter pieces for depth without being stripy. no freakouts. no tears. looks like it can stay a while. 
it’s totally different, but i’m really diggin’ it. so is the ting. 
time to put the blonde bobbi pins in storage.
p.s. the last time i dyed my hair black (very different), my dad walked passed me in the hallway of our home and didn’t recognize me. at dinner that night, he looked at me and said, “please never do this again.” sorry, dad. i hope you agree this is a lot different than last time.  


  • Reply October 31, 2012


    I LOVE it with a capitol L.O.V.E! Can’t wait to see this brunette beauty in Dallas THIS WEEKEND!!!!

  • Reply November 3, 2012


    i’m still LOVING the brunette! Glad your happy with it and kept your courage little LION!!! (not lamb silly) =)

  • Reply November 5, 2012

    I love it!!! You are much braver than me, but then again, you look amazing in any length and color. I love the dark, great job!

  • Reply November 5, 2012

    Erica Newton

    I love it too! And so funny “black widow”! Change is always fun!

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