granola gear.

nothin’ like spending your tuesday night loading up on “gear” at REI. let me tell you, being an outdoorsy person is not cheap. yowza. being one with nature may look all relaxed and natural – but it’s not. the gadgets are all high-tech and spendy, and i can totally see how this place could become  addicting. danny was in heaven and i’ll admit that it was kinda fun to pick out my supplies and freeze dried food. my favorite items are my spork and badass hiking chair
my hiking chair & spork. ha! after last night i’m almost all geared up for my ultimate grand canyon excursion
yup, i’m doing it! ready or not, havasupi here i come.
and let’s hope i love this adventure, because i’ve got what feels like a lifetime supply of hiking and camping gear. 
i was repeatedly told by my husband tonight, “invest in nice camping gear and it will last you forever.”
my response: so why are you always at REI? 
a BIG thank you to ALL of you who have been so encouraging! 
the tips, words of advice and “you can totally do it” and “you’ll love it” messages helped so much. 
and like lacey jaye said… i can do it. i have all the tools i need to have this awesome experience. 
the only thing that would prevent me is my mind. 


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