hiking to havasupai, the grand canyon.

i’m so glad i decided to do the hike. just over a month ago, i wrote this post and was a nervous wreck even thinking about doing it. now we’re back, i’m rejuvenated and feel like a badass. not only did i do the hike, but i kinda kicked ass (real modest, i know, but i think this is one of those occasions where it’s okay for me to relish in my personal glory). danny nicknamed me “trailblazer t” and never once did i even want to complain or cry(!). at one point during the trip, ting looked at me, smiled and said, “you’re actually having fun – i can tell.” and i was. if you know me, i’m not so great at hiding my emotions – you know how i’m feeling and it was obvious that i was enjoying it. the hike, the scenery, chatting with the group, hanging out at our campsite – all of it.
in fact, the only time i got even remotely pissy was for a split second during the hike out when i felt danny wanted to take too many breaks – ha! trailblazer t was on a mission and nothing was going to stop my momentum on those switchbacks…. yeah, about those. so after you’ve hiked 9 miles, you hit the base of the canyon wall and have a steep climb for 1.5 miles – think the stair master. i was in the zooooone. let’s gooooooo d.
our itinerary was just right for me. we left early saturday morning (4:30 a.m.) and carpooled with another couple. us girls slept in the car until we stopped for a hearty breakfast (envision a paintbrush dipped in melted butter and spread over everything) and then were at the trailhead by 10 a.m. to get my pack on a mule. (i was one of only 2 girls who didn’t pack their own back down, and i don’t regret it for a second. i’d feel even cooler if i could say i did it, but i’m good with my level of badassness).
there were 15 of us in the group and with 13/15 people packing their own bags down, we stopped often and took it slow and steady. it’s 10+ miles and took us about 5.5 hours from the trailhead to our campground. during the hike we’d all stop and remind ourselves to stop and look up to admire the beauty of the canyon. the further down you get, the greener things become and you start to feeling the air change with moisture.
it’s super deceiving because right when you think you’re there — you’ve finally hit the village of Supai (which is so incredibly strange and i find it baffling that nobody has ever told me about what to expect) — you learn that you’re still another 2 miles to the camp area… and the entire way you’re walking in. the.  soft. sand.
but just outside of the village, you turn a corner and see the first falls… lil navajo falls. it’s pretty spectacular. the best way i can describe the setting is Jurassic Park or Land Before Time. you’re in this world like no other. dark rock walls, crystal blue water and big green cottonwood trees. i kept expecting to see Little Foot and Sarah come cruising by me. here’s a look into day one…
ting getting me all strapped up.
where’s heather? i can’t see heather… she went bright and safe. ha!
there go the mules! carrying lots of gear to the village.
my pack-carrying ting takin’ a break.
it was slightly cloudy and overcast which was great. soon enough we’d be waaaaayyyy in there.
show us how you really feel, grant michael harrison.
group break time. snack time. my PB&J in the daypack was clutch.
feelin’ good!
travis, the leader of the pack and trip organizer.
gotta love the camera timer.
granola dorks.
we must be getting lower… things are starting to get greener.
the ants go marching in.
break! we were good at breaks.
james & heather. our carpool and campsite buddies.
down in “supai” village. one of the weirdest place i’ve ever been. for real.
the village church.
tricked! you’re in the village, but you really have 2+ more miles before the campground.
oh, and you’re gonna walk in that nice soft sand the entire way.
the first falls you encounter – little navajo falls. apparently very different since the big flood.
me and heather picked up our packs at the campground. we did carry our packs for .5 miles.
and then you turn another corner, look down and see this… havasu falls.
casey seeing the falls for the first time.
we got a late start to the day and were chasing daylight into the campground to find a spot.
the boys were doubling up and carrying the gear to get us there – quick.
delicious dehydrated just-add-water pouch meals for breakfast, lunchb & dinner.
of course they’re delicious (no, seriously). its like 800mg of sodium per pouch.
just enjoying some chicken enchiladas in a bag.
sports. water shoes. jet boils. campside gear.
travis and tarah (before the scorpion incidents – plural).


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    Amazing trip photos! I stumbled on this by google searching havasu falls. Looking at pics because me and my husband are hiking this in March 2013. You now have me convinced to buy some hiking gear, lol. We are planning on staying at the lodge in the town instead of camping because it is just the two of us and we are flying to Arizona from MN. I am getting very nervous and excited. I just hope we don’t become the two lost hikers in the grand canyon. Any valuable advice? Thanks! Lovin’ the blog!


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