the black keys + tegan & sara.

months ago we bought tickets to see the black keys with tegan and sara – floor tickets to be exact. then, the grand canyon trip got put on the calendar and i wasn’t so sure floor tickets for a concert the very next night after hiking the canyon was a good idea.
it ended up being totally fine. in fact, it was probably good for us to be on our feet and stretching out our muscles. i actually had a ton of energy. despite my knees being a little sore, i’ve felt totally energized since the hike.
before the concert we tried out a newish spot downtown – The Blue Hound – for drinks & apps. i really liked the vibe and the food, we’ll be back. from there, we walked to US Airways and bumped into a bunch of friends at the show.
after three days in the grand canyon, it was definitely a different kind of “rock” for us on tuesday night.


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