the dewey’s groovy i do’s at the parker palm springs.

lola, the bridal suite we spent the day in.
sitting room inside lola
bubbles and curlers.
moroccan love blanket and JA pillow. the same one matt got jenny for her bridal shower.
jenny must have been telling good stories.
“love” chair on the patio.
the stunning edie, mother of the bride, and her drag queen makeup artist.
ashley & kirk.
the bridal bouquet.
all hands on deck for finishing touches.
watching as the bride leaves for her first look with the groom.
a little gift from the groomsmen.
me & the groom. cheers! to baby powder ;)
floral lab perfection.
this may be my favorite photo. snapped only about 10 minutes before ceremony time…
the maid of honor with her sister’s vows and looking a little nervous.
the bride having a moment alone and looking at her gorgeous boquet.
jeremy, the brother in law and officiant, holding his sermon and deep in thought.
the groom looking dapper and calm, checking his phone.
…all focused.

bright bohemian.
all of the printed materials by the talented ashley steen.
magical ceremony site.
shanny with tears of joy, jeremy trying to get james the ring bear down the aisle.
here comes the bride. ashley, forever friend with edie, mother of the bride.
lots of laughs.

mini door to the secret cocktail hour.

both of us trying caviar for the first time.
jenny’s grandmother’s old teacups used for decor.
the websters.
the sun’s rays were so cool coming through into the reception area.
the tings on double time photo duty.
we look like such a small group… miss you shmizzle & toner.
hey car.. is that a TW you’re drinking?
joe with his wildcat ladies. loves his UA girls. right, joe?
shanny fueling up for the big toast – she nailed it!
the glowing mrs. dewey
the bride showing off her new bling.

the fabric we picked out for runners, vintage bronze trinkets. amazing flowers.
following the toasts, both sets of parents and their friends hit the dance floor and what unfolded next was a total surprise – a choreographed flash mob to the rolling stones! jenny’s mom enlisted a local high schooler to choreograph a simple dance and make an instruction video. she emailed it around so everyone could practice and both sets of parents – in separate states – each hosted a dinner party / flashmob practice with their friends. it was so sweet and so much fun to see. that sealed the deal on the fun level of this wedding and that everyone felt included and connected to the bride and groom.
what up wesley.
 reception photos were kindly taken by amigo booth (here).
the night slowly came to an end with a sing-a-long rendition of garth brooks “the river” by the groom,
and the reception ultimately concluded with a tabletop performance of the stones’ “beast of burden” by the bride.
i can’t think of a more perfect ending to a perfect day.
cheers to mrs. & mrs. matt dewey

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