trader joe’s and their magical brooms.

fall really snuck up on me this year. not to be annoying, but how is it the end of october? seriously. 
i walked into trader joe’s the other night and my sniffer started going crazy. i know that scent! i had completely forgotten about these gems i discovered last year, and the sight of them made me a happy girl.  
these magical brooms are just $3.99 and will fill your home with the sweet cinnamon smell of fall.
idea: paired with TJ’s wine or a bouquet of flowers, this would be a festive twist on the typical hostess gift.

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  • […] the trader joe’s delicious cinnamon brooms we all love are back and looky what else has been introduced this year: the cinnamon whisk. a micro-mini version of the broom! in addition to be simply adorable, what a great idea for your office space (the broom by my desk may be a little intense). or a cute way to add something extra to a hostess gift bottle of wine this autumn. you could include it in your fall wreath to give it some cinnamon smell… oh the options for the whisk! […]

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