a remote girls lakehouse getaway in texas.

after our time in dallas, we loaded up carlye’s husband’s SUV (thanks, jerm!) with us five girls +  all our luggage + 1 baby + all her gear + a cart full of groceries for a mini roadtrip up to the mann family lakehouse (big thanks to jeff & jody) on texas’ lake texacoma (half texas and half oklahoma) – obvi.
without a doubt, each of us left that weekend so happy, so refreshed and feeling even closer than before. there were no high heels. no fancy dinner reservations. just leggings, snacks, wine, games and hours of real conversations. we got a glimpse of carlye’s new world – kicking ass in her mom role. we got to know livi’s schedule. and we finally got to see olivia’s facial expressions and giggles in person. as wonderful as photos and videos are, there’s nothing like real time together.
we missed lisa, shmizz, and of course, tone. for real – it’ll always be 8 in our minds. we talk about it a lot. it does feel so weird when we’re not complete. as cliche as it is, we’re better together. we’re all so different, but it just works. to know that i have this many dear and true girlfriends in my life is not something i take lightly. i don’t know how i got so lucky, but i’m so grateful that i did. here’s to hoping for many more trips like this in our future.

the girls.

welcome to five J point lakehouse… jeff, jody, jeremy, jenn & josh
little livi in her sleep sack aka straight jacket
livin’ a little country
the weekend kicked off with a killer cheese plate compliments of jenny & me
our view

carlye with tiff, the resident mom-in-training

yup, we’re in texas y’all
so peaceful & private
breakfast alfresco — looking from the inside out.
picnic table brunch. the cowboys came along.
those cheeks!
most exercise of the weekend – walk down to the beach. cocktails in hand.

our cozy abode

a whole lot of laughing
pretty much the scene of the weekend
the newest mrs. in the group
the group’s mommy-to-be in seventh heaven practicing all weekend
my turn with bottle time
we skyped lisa right into the weekend from michigan
two different kinds of bottles being consumed all weekend
dinner time.
mexican fiesta makin’
loooooved the texas flair. go america.
that’s no joke.
late night game time. apples to apples.
so many laughs. jenny was convinced me & colby were in cahoots.
clueless: penguin… all dressed up & nowhere to go. taka tak taka tak taka
what girlfriends are for
sunshine & mimosas.


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    Reply November 9, 2012

    Jenny F.

    such a great weekend. wish we were doing it again this weekend.

    ps you and colbs WERE in cahoots.

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    Reply November 14, 2012

    Erica Newton

    I love all the photos! Wish we could have connected via skype.. next time!

    Um, was Jenny double fisting the ENTIRE weekend?! Or just in all the photos..

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    Reply November 19, 2012

    Jenny F.

    ha smizz! wasn’t double fisting, i was holding carlye’s beer so she could hold livi.

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    Reply April 5, 2013


    i just took a trip down memory lane and re-read your dallas & lake posts – def got a little emotional – i miss you girls!!!!! and so does liv – when is our next trip with babies? we are ready!

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