eatin’ turkey in tucson.

we spent this thanksgiving holiday doing exactly what you should be doing… eating, lounging and chilling out with family. we spent lots of time with miss makaela (danny was on baby duty) and lots of time yelling at the dogs to stop begging and bickering — yup, pretty typical family stuff.

makaela could not be any sweeter. do i dare say she’s a perfect baby — eh, toddler? not sure when that’s official (she’s 20 months). her most favorite word is “side” which means let’s go outside. we hear “side? side? side?” over and over. the little girl loves the fresh air, but you really can’t blame her when it’s an 80-degree thanksgiving. we were happy to oblige.

she absolutely loves “dog dog” and put all kinds of necklaces on hunter, told him to “shhhh” when he was crying and yelled “no” when he’d bark. the sweetest was her consoling him when he was whining under the table begging for scraps. she’s such a joy to be around for everyone. here’s a look at our turkey day.

vick-dogg and me whipping up some stuffing. slippers and all.
hunter and danny watching henry totally spaz out like a psycho. “um, what’s this guy’s problem?” – hunter

tricia and her little one sporting a necklace from great meme.

brotherly, sisterly love. 
yup… there’s hunter. right under your feet and lookin’ up for some scraps.
grandma peggy & her b-joe. two peas in a pod. 
little miss with her great meme.

boy oh boy was danny proud of his ham. he pulled it out thinking the rest of us were ready. we still had a few things to cook. he’d already sliced and arranged his ham on a non-oven safe platter. i really thought there may have been tears when we told him he couldn’t throw his masterpiece platter in the oven to warm. we made it work so the man didn’t serve cold ham. crisis adverted. phew.

me, makaela and her “oooce” aka juice. 

the aforementioned ham platter masterpiece (before the meltdown).

not surprising, the placecard was a baby favorite to play with.
marybeth monitoring the carve. 
who needs ham when you’ve got this little one?
can i offer you a GIANT glass of riesling? 
the feast goers. marybeth & paul joined this year, which was a super fun addition. and marybeth brought cream cheese pumpkin loaf. so. damn. good. i had to fight to actually take some leftovers.
my other hot date.
danny and his ladies… minus one (the photographer). 

high-five for a successful thanksgiving! 

hunter always manages to get a seat at the table. holy spoiled. 

me & the dogg.
….and, that’s a wrap. this is how we all felt at the end of the night.  
the every-other-holiday family schedule is tough, but such is life with family in separate states. 
but luckily danny and i have amazing families and in-laws, which makes it much easier. 
this year, my parents spent thanksgiving at their home in oregon for the first time and hosted for 19 people! 
the menu was insane… a literal feast followed by a full dessert spread and friendly competition over mexican train.


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