hooray for icicle lights!

our new abode all lit up and ready for christmas.
i’ve always loved icicle lights, but after a few bum strands years ago, ting has always refused to hang them. more about that here. instead, we hung simple white and then multi-colored string lights last year, seen here
but! much to my excitement, when we got ready to hang our lights this past weekend, ting realized the nails on our new home were on the backside and totally set-up for ICICLES! yeeeeeessssss! 
i was so excited because in my opinion our new home is ideal for icicles. 
luckily we still had a few strands in the old christmas lights tub and got right to hanging. 
and when ting couldn’t get to the top of our super pitched roof, the genius fetched our fireplace poker and used that to hook the strands up on the nails. whatever works, i guess. 
 and then it all came to a screeching halt when about 3/4 of the way through hanging we ran out of icicles. off to the store i went only to find out that these icicles had been discontinued. not a big deal right? wrong. these are GE’s “random sparklers” so half the house would be sparkling and the other static – yeah, not. happening. luckily i searched the web and was able to find something that would work. kinda. 
my holidays are starting off even brighter this year.
my view.

with the fire poker “hook” tool.

aaaannndd… that’s where things stopped for a while. 


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