my annual girl’s wine & cheese party.

hard to believe the thursday before thanksgiving has come and gone already. i was a little late to get to planning my annual little wine party, but it was one of my favorites yet. i almost considered skipping this year, but i’m glad i didn’t. the holiday kick-off tradition lives on! year one here and year two here.

it was fun to host in our new home – change of scenery and layout. i have to say, it’s funny how no matter what – people will congregate in the kitchen. it made sense at our old house, but this house has a galley kitchen and so i find it funny that’s still the place to be.

it’s fun to watch the invite list grow each year with new friends, new co-workers, new clients… to each of you who came – thank you! it was fun having you in our home and catching up. and to those of you who couldn’t make it – we missed you! let’s hope we don’t wait until next november to share that glass of wine.

life does go by so fast. we’re all guilty of it – not getting around to making those happy hour or lunch plans. busy schedules. putting too much pressure on a coffee date. out-thinking reaching out to someone. but you know what? aren’t you always so glad when you do it? i’ve very rarely left a happy hour with friends – even acquaintances – that i regretted. it’s just an hour or two and you never know when that can turn into a new friendship or will strengthen an existing one. make time for friends. for laughs. for social hour. it’s good for the soul.

so today, reach out to one person you’ve been meaning to get together with and get something on the calendar – even if it’s a month from now. keep it there and don’t cancel. no matter what. you’ll be glad you did. and they’ll be too.

antipasti skewers (recipe), chicken salad finger sandwiches (recipe – no nuts), chex mix (recipe) & cheese board

mom’s deviled eggs, cream cheese + raspberry sauce, fruit & flowers.

and that’s sadly the last time the camera came out that night. 
i didn’t even think about it. i was busy chatting and catching up with everyone. 
i’m typically rushing home after work to get things finalized before the girls arrive. nothing crazy – but always easier with the wonderful (annual) help from danny and miss rachel troyan. they’re so great at taking my crazy orders – slicing, dicing, lighting and getting things in their place. thanks, you two. xo


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