oh the PASTAbilities!

said the tings one recent saturday night at the old spaghetti factory. that’s right, folks. the OSF.

and you know what? it was delicious and pretty damn fun. the weather was wet, the wind was cold and we wanted some hot italian food at a restaurant that didn’t require us changing out of our cozies. so off to the OSF we went.

as we were being seated, danny spotted the old train car inside the restaurant and got excited. i was like, yeah – that’s kinda their thing. and then i realized this must be danny’s first time to the old spaghetti factory. to confirm my suspicions i asked him what you got after dinner… he had no clue. spumoni in a silver dish! duh.

ting loved it. we had our private booth. our paper placemats and all the italian food one could want for the lovely price of $11.95 a person. bread, soup or salad, an entree plus dessert. amaze.

a booth fit for royalty.
the famous OSF spumoni.
 pretty exciting!!!
aaaannnnd that’s a fat kid wrap, folks.
it was pretty fun and nostalgic for me. i grew up going to OSF. did you?
have you ever been? maybe it’s an SM thing.


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