only time will tell…

happy election day, folks. 
off to the polls we go. none of this early ballot mail-in crap. 
for me, it’s all about the experience. welllll… that and the “i voted” sticker.
i’d probably actually consider the mail-in variety if they included a sticker in the package.
i’m serious. that’s not a joke.  
 i’ll be rocking my “i voted” sticker all day long. 
loud & proud. 
p.s. today only:
Phoenicians – Citizen Public House is offering you a free Chopped Salad (yum!) if you flash your sticker.
Nationwide – Exercise your right to vote and Urban Outfitters will reward you with 20% off your in-store total.
see – it pays to vote. 
and to wear the sticker. 

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