right now :: the ting’s top 10 artists.

some are old and some are new. here’s what the bocktings are currently rocking out to. in no particular order:
Portugal. The Man
Currently probably the #1 band in Danny’s world right now. Great American rock band from Portland, OR.
The Lumineers
Folk music for the soul – especially great this time of year – brought to you from Denver, Colorado.
Of Monsters And Men
The Head and The Heart
debut album by this indie folk band from seattle, washington.

garth brooks 

ever since matt’s sing-a-long rendition of “the river” at his & jenny’s wedding, i was reminded of how much i do love some classic country. plus, my country kick has taken me back to some of my best memories with tone. cruising around in the white beast pick-up truck and singing country at the top of our lungs. 
really, garth is the epitome of a singer songwriter. and for a lyrics girl, i love nothing more than a song with a deep meaning. we shall be free? thunder rolls? the dance? what’s not to love. don’t lie – you know every word, too. 


St. Lucia


Another one of Ting’s top plays on Spotify. They’re an electronic indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY.
The Helio Sequence 
a lovely alternative rock group from beaverton, colorado.
Fleetwood Mac
an oldie, but such a goodie. this is one of the ultimate driving go-to’s for me. love it.
classics:: rhiannon / everywhere / say you love me / second had news

Mumford & Sons
i just can’t get enough. they’re the band i play the loudest in my car. i love to sing along. this song gets into my core: “ghosts that we knew” download & listen to it all the way through – loudly.


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