UA vs. ASU football game.

there are obvious perks to being a UA graduate and having in-laws in tucson. 
family visits double as nostalgic trips down memory lane. campus. university blvd. the mall. beyond bread. 
this year’s massive rivalry football game ASU vs UA was in tucson the night after thanksgiving, 
so we got decked out in red and watched the game at the beloved frog & firkin on university blvd. 
the outcome wasn’t great for the cats, but oh well. 
we got to talk smack to ASU nerds while eating frog’s green skins, fries & deep dish pizza  
washed down by cheap drinks in plastic cups. 
ahhh… college life. 
danny sported his first-edition AZ Boyz Homecoming t-shirt, compliments of Quinnster. 
and i even painted my nails to be a part of the citywide “red out” 
… next time, cats. 


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