a totally failed attempt at getting a big christmas tree.

it was saturday night. december 1st. we were totally pumped to get our first christmas tree for the new house. our new little tudor has super high ceilings so we decided we’d go big this year… like 10-feet big. much to danny’s dismay we can’t find any “chop your own tree” farms anywhere near phoenix (anyone else not surprised?), so we’re relegated to the super awesome parking lot farms that pop-up around town this time of year. 
the problem with the ones in our area? there were no big trees. everything stopped around 7-feet. except this one tree.

it wasn’t perfect. or even close. so we kept moved on to the next lot… and the next one… and after a few failed attempts at finding a tree we gave up. totally over it. so to salvage the night, we took advantage of being in our old hood and hit up our favorite ‘lil thai restaurant, thai lahana...

 and then during dinner a lightbulb went off – they must have big trees in the ‘burbs, right? yup. 
and so the great hunt continued….


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