aunt chilada’s getting married.

four girlfriends gathered at postino last night to celebrate the holidays and miss angela’s engagement to nicoli.
everyone who knows angela is so excited. when she and nick took off for their 16-day trip to bali, it was seriously ring watch 2012. we were all on pins and needles watching her daily Facebook updates and anxiously awaiting the “i said YES” social media post. even danny was like, “you can’t really see her left hand in any photo – maybe she’s hiding it?” ha. when the text & official post finally came, i think you could hear the screeching all the way from phoenix to new jersey.
right after she returned from the bali beaches, i got to spend a littleĀ impromptuĀ alone time with her and get the angela-style scoop (every detail) over a bottle of wine, bubbles and cheese. it was a special night and i loved every second of it. we spent hours chatting, laughing and bouncing around from vacation updates to wedding details. at one point, we realized danny was re-filling our champagne glasses with water. rude (but thank goodness) :)


aunt chilada, i’m over the moon for you and nicoli. you’ve snagged yourself a wonderful man. you have a beautiful life ahead of you that will be filled with rustic adventure and true love. you’re glowing and calm. you’re going to be a stunning rice & beans bride (and there will be refried beans, damn it). i can’t wait to celebrate every step of the way to globe. it’s your year. love you mrs. menninger to be. muah!
4 months. 28 days.
let’s do this.


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  • Reply December 20, 2012

    La La

    awwwwww! i LOVED this! and i LOVE you! thanks for the sweetest words on the planet. we’ve been through lots together, T. like a lot. we have so many more memories ahead that i can hardly stand it! viva frijoles! xoxo

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