career congrats package.

during my first week on the new job, i came home to find the sweetest and most unexpected package on my doorstep.

thoughtful and crafty rachel put together this “congrats on your next chapter” pack just for me. take a look. 

pens & notebook: “she’s a dreamer, a doer & thinker. she sees possibilities everywhere.” 
complete with a handwritten note: for all those big ideas.

natural bath treats: to relax after a long and hectic first week.

a sweet card & bottle of bubbly.

it came at the perfect time – the end of my good, but totally overwhelming, first week. as it is, advertising/public relations is fast-paced, and this was baptism by fire. i’m in a new role with a whole new set of responsibilities. there are new names to learn. different protocols. unfamiliar clients and businesses to learn about. hours of meetings and reading strategy documents and plans. and the thing that threw me for the biggest loop was working professionally on a Mac operating system. i’ve an Apple girl at home, but iMail, iCal, iContacts, etc… i kinda wanted to pull my hair out a few times, but now just two weeks in, i’m loving it and totally off to the races (phew!
you’re a great friend, rachel. 
thanks so much for your support and thoughtful gesture.

p.s. if you’re ever looking for an awesome event planner – rachel’s your gal.
check her out here.


  • Reply December 18, 2012


    Congrats on the new gig, Teri! :)

  • Reply December 19, 2012

    Rachel, girl, you out did yourself. Super cute and very thougthful. T – you deserve it!

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