my (new to me) 1970’s french mixte.

with a big red bow and everything! 
on sunday, december 9th we hosted danny’s family’s christmas brunch (early, we know. but it was the only weekend that worked for everyone) and i got a big christmas surprise from ting!
he found an old 1970’s french mixte bike, ordered all kinds of parts and then spent hours resorting and modifying it to make it perfect for moi. i’m beyond obsessed with the double basket on the back. how great is that? 
i feel like i should have a fresh bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine and baguette in the back at all times.

 checking things out while hunter & makaela check each other out.
let’s be real, this bike is way cooler than i am. 
babe, i love it. 
and i know how much time you’ve been spending in the back house working on 
mysterious things (i was really starting to wonder). merci! merci! merci!
je t’aime
(i love you en frances)


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