dyllan is an aussie. my heart is exploding.

after a phone chat with shmer last night, i got this video message from dyllan in my email inbox. i can’t stop watching it. the dyllbug is such a sweet little girl and it’s official, she’s an aussie. you’re going to die from cuteness when you get to the 36 second mark… the accent! it’s full blown. i’ve watched that part 20 times. and her words and phrases… playing in the sand pit, eating ice blocks and “mucking around.” i die.

danny and i laid in bed this morning and watched this a couple of times.
“doesn’t this make you want to have a baby?” says my husband. “yes… this kinda does.”
(but not yet!) 

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  • Reply February 1, 2013


    EEEk!!! I heard that accent. Oh, this is so adorable. And I love that you (kind of) are getting closer to having kids. DO IT ALREADY. Coachella can wait. Ugh.

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