happy heavenly birthday, tone.

today we’d celebrate tone’s 30th birthday in a big way.

she was never one who wanted the spotlight, but tone did love her birthday. 
i’m pretty sure that’s because it was always the perfect reason for her to splurge on a new outfit (mandatory), 
get her hair & make-up done (her favorite) and round up her best gals for a fun dinner, night out dancing and sometimes even a hotel room to boot (the ritz, anyone?). 
it’ll be sad to not talk/text with you today. i sure hope you’re having the most fabulous 30th birthday party in the sky.

a past birthday post & photos for tone here and a tribute to her life here
in honor of her 30th birthday, i sent photographs and a letter to a couple of her family members to share my favorite memories and what it meant to me to have sarah in my life. i hope some fresh, fun memories and photos will help ease some of today’s inevitable pain. i know reminiscing with others really helps me. 

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