our first spaghetti squash.

(yes, i changed half way through making dinner because i knew the white knit sweater was going to be bad news)

have you made spaghetti squash before?
it was our first time and we didn’t really know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised. 
danny was happy it didn’t taste like squash. because apparently he “hates” squash. 
making spaghetti squash is super duper easy (watch this video) and obviously a much healthier “pasta” option.
for the red sauce, we did diced tomatoes, italian chicken sausage, diced onion, basil and parsley. 
all topped with a sprinkling of parmeasean cheese, of course.  
pretty good. i won’t be craving it anytime soon, 
but will def keep it in mind for the next night we’re craving comfort food but want a lighter option. 

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    I think my favorite part about this entire post is the cat camped out in the window. I literally laughed out loud. Want my cat? He’s make a great leader of that pack. Please?

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