that moment when i finally decided to ask danny for a ride on his motorcycle.

it was this morning.
d’s had the bike since september but i’ve shown zero interest in it.
my ask to ride was out of the blue and kinda a big deal.
“you sure?” he asked. “yup.” i said.
i hopped on and off we went through the neighborhood.
as we pulled back into the driveway i asked for another lap,
so headed through the empty sunday morning downtown streets.
i held on tight and have to admit i did enjoy it.
you’re so exposed – both scary and exhilarating.
i’m glad my first motorcycle ride was with danny.

my view from the back.

parents don’t fret: ting’s got all the safety gear. 
helmets, high-visibility jacket and more. but we just wet for a quick spin around the ‘hood.

reminds me of the very first picture i ever posted on this blog. me & ting on a scooter in amsterdam.

our reflection. biker bocktings.

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