the long road back to blonde.

i’ve decided to start the tedious process and get back to my blonde roots (ehhh, you know what i mean).

i’m liking the dark hair, but after a few months i still don’t quite feel like me. and i know once spring hits, i’m gonna want to be blonde again.
so let the games begin. in college, i made the mistake of going from dark to light waayyy too fast and i absolutely refuse to fry my hair off again. so this time slow and steady will win the race even though i know that’ll mean some awkward hair colors during the transition. the one i’m most excited for is a really dirty blonde look. not there yet though. i’m just really glad this first round didn’t result in orangey brass hair. it’s “warm” brown, but not orange. i’ll take it.
my upcoming salon appointment schedule is pretty aggressive. i’m gearing up for lots of time in the chair. 

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