our little french bully.

it’s monday night which means the boys are off to “training.”
that’s right. our seven year old french bulldog is in doggy school.
and to add insult to injury, he’s in the “advanced beginner” class. ouch.

during a walk last fall, danny and i stumbled upon encanto park’s dog class.
there were hundreds of dogs. everything from puppies to show dogs prancing around.
ting decided then and there that he and huntie would be in the next session. a show dog would be born!
(danny dreams of hunter being one of those dogs who can walk off leash on his heels – not gonna happen).
weekly class started on monday, january 7th. since then, it’s been their thing. a little father/son bonding time.
dad straps a “treat pouch” onto his belt (true story / fun visual for you), and hunter gets to have an hour at the park with friends and dad’s undivided attention. it’s very serious around here.
i went to the first class, but got kicked out — there can only be one master. i was happy to oblige d, the real alpha.
that very first night of class, the dogs had to weave in and out of one another.
huntie had one of his “anxiety” moments (seen here).
after class, danny was telling the instructor that hunter gets anxiety around other dogs.
her reply?
“no, your dog is just a bully.”
bah! classic parent moment… danny taken aback. not my kid. no. he’s just nervous.
no no sir, your kid is an asshole. period.
so after being called a jerk by the teacher and the embarrassment of being the oldest (by far) in the beginner class,
i decided to make a video to showcase all of huntie’s awesome tricks. because that’s what parents do.
focus on the good. and yes, in our house “sit” and “come” are treat-worthy tricks.

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  • Reply February 19, 2013


    Uuhh….H does 8 Tricks on command and gets 0 (zilch) treats?? Even a pro pooch gets a treat for his efforts….much less a 7 year old Advance Beginner. No wonder he is a balky barker. Geez.

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