steven + heather = forever.

my little brother is engaged! 

on february 15th, steven got on bended knee in ashland, oregon and proposed to heather!
(of course)
although my brother joked with my dad that she said no and my mom nearly cried herself to sleep thinking it was true.
(bad joke, steven)

even though he’s 26 (the age i was when i got married), there’s something about “little brother” that just makes my head spin thinking about him engaged… a husband!

and while the beautiful sparkler on heather’s finger makes it all official, let’s be real – heather’s been part of our family for what feels like forever. she’s a super aunt to our niece and nephew, fantastic sister-in-law, longtime daughter-in-law in-training and most importantly a loving girlfriend. over the years, it’s been obvious to everyone that she makes my brother very happy and there’s no doubt that heather will be a wonderful wife and mother.

steven, you’ve done good lil bro. we love you both so much.
heather… this just dawned on me that you’ll officially be a Schramm. Mrs. Schramm. Crazy!
oh the baking, and scrapbooking and DIYing that we have in our future… forever (starting with a WEDDING!) yay!



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