the first friday of february 2013.

d loves first fridays. and since we’ve lived biking distance to the main route, we haven’t missed on yet. it’s free. it’s fresh air and something a little different than the usual. before cruising the walk, we had beers with alex at angel’s trumpet and then the three of us hit up bliss / rebar for dinner on the patio where we analyzed the coachella lineup band-by-band. ting had his sights on an art item from last month, but sadly the vendor wasn’t there. fingers crossed for march.
this kid was awesome. he was selling jokes on the side of the street.

community garden plots.

one of my favorite little vintage shops — surrounded by the community garden.

love this – gardening against the city skyscape. 

local live music drawing a decent crowd.

dreadlocks to the ground. 

flute lamp, anyone?

another awesome kid – this little dude had all the sweetest dance moves.

oh, you know, just me and pat. 

until next month.

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