the soggy dollar bar — the best bar in the world.

i’m convinced.
it’s called the soggy dollar bar and there’s no place better.
the only way to get there is by boat. but there’s no dock. so you’ve gotta jump off and swim in.
every dollar that shows up to the bar is yup – you guessed it – soggy.
it’s the epitome of vacation. crystal water. blue skies. swimsuits and tropical drinks.
the view from the crystal blue water.
so good to be back.
the soggy dollar bar.
total contentment.
that’d be my painkiller.
the view as you pull up. the most perfect water you’ve ever seen.

the worst part of the day — being summoned back to the boat. we were the last ones on.

our underwater camera got a little funky and clouded up most of the stop’s photos.


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