the virgin gorda and her baths.

while we were sailing, one of our captains told us about another boat tour that goes all the way to the British Island of Virgin Gorda to tour the famous “baths” made up of huge granite bolders, and then makes a couple of other stops including one at Jost Van Dyke’s “The Soggy Dollar Bar” on the way back. after having such a great on the water and really wanting to get back to The Soggy Dollar (last year here), the four of us (hopped up on rum punch) decided to book a second boat tour. the one we wanted was booked, so we opted for their alternative recommendation, “breakaway.”
the morning of the tour was a little rough. not gonna lie. it was the day after we celebrated matt’s 30th and we had to be at the dock by 7am. yeah. it wasn’t super pretty and unlike our past boat adventures, this was a group tour and we had one of those wonderfully cheesy captains that was just loving talking about the fact that we obviously had a lot of fun the day before. at just 7am and a little drizzly, captain lindsey was doing his best to make this a comedy cruise and kicked off the day with blaring “skatman” over the speakers in between cracking terrible jokes (in case you’re not familiar with skatman, you must listen here to fully understand). oh. my.

we couldn’t help but just start dying laughing. like, seriously? is the sun even up yet? here’s a look at our day.

the route! pretty legit coverage of the virgin islands.
early morning in st. john
vacation terry & normal teri
from the morning rains

and thennnn… they served us juice in swirly sippy cups. bah.
later in the day, the juice in the sippys turned into painkillers and then the comedy cruise got a lot more fun.

the baths were okay. maybe it was the big tour aspect we didn’t like. that’s not really our speed. overall, we weren’t really impressed and wouldn’t recommend you make the journey just for the baths, but it’s worth checking out if you happen to find yourself near the virgin gorda.
the first – and only – time the rest of us were gel of danny’s sweet strappy sandals.
the best part of the baths. after you walk through these tunnels and caves (jenny and i almost got stuck in a cave), you pop out onto this gorgeous little beach cove.
the hike back to the shuttle via the deserty virgin gorda. cactus on the island. weird.
oh look! we found a bar. shocking.
this is tiny little cooper island that basically has one big restaurant / bar on it – pussers!
and yes, dogg and b-joe we totally thought of you guys. b-joe has quite the pussers shirt collection.
our view from lunch at pussers.
we had lunch at pussers and then lounged on the beach for a few.
next stop: the boys participated in the group snorkel. the girls did not. we took over the front of the “yacht” with our painkillers.
painkiller + bandana time. things got awesomely awkward REAL quick.
painkiller saxophone sippy cup. obviously. matt was pretty much breakaway’s entertainment.
our final stop was in st. john to clear customs.
we decided to stay on the island for the rest of the day and take the ferry home. bar with a view.


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