happy 2nd birthday, makaela. may you never lose your sense of wonder.

complete with a poofy pink dress, tiara, tennis bracelet and wings, makaela was quite the princess for her party. 
it’s a joy to celebrate such a sweet little girl who has added exponential amounts of love to our family. 

gently opening her gifts. such a little lady.

every girl needs a jewelry box. this one is from mimz (vicky). she was already loading it up with her jewels.

a favorite gift was her laptop from great grandma peggy. she was obsessed with it. future little blogger?

i adore this photo. 

“uncle d, you better not touch my cupcake dude.” 

how is she already two?!
pointing to “T! T!” melts my heart. we’re officially T & D. love it. 

girlfriend was flying around in her new car from her other grandparents. she could really scoot!

has it begun? the terrible twos? look at that sour face!
lots of hot air balloons taking advantage of the perfect spring day.

makaela looking up at the hot air balloons over the house.
click here to see photos from her 1st birthday party.


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