quality time with the familia (two of them).

we did a whole lot of what you’re supposed to do with family — kick back, relax, chat, cheers and laugh. danny and i decided that instead of coming up with an out of the ordinary itinerary for dad & steven’s visit, we’d just simply do exactly what we’d do anyways and fold them into the mix. it worked out perfectly for everyone! it was fun to have them meet bunches of our friends and get a glimpse into our real life — not the one that you create for visitors.

chillin’ on the back patio enjoying the glorious friday weather

scrappy got to show off his mad soccer playing skills – video coming soon. 

and while scrappy showed off his tricks, hunter did what hunter does – laid around and watched.

“awe, come on dad… you’re so funny.” 

my flat-brim brother straight from so cal

playing with the ball…

…sleeping on the ball.

al fresco dinner at the Main Ingredient Ale House.

dad checkin’ in with mom & filling her in on all the action.

my house full of men! six of them to be exact. 


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