hotel congress – tucson, az

before booking, here’s what you should know about staying at the hotel congress in tucson, arizona.

: the rates are great.
: the biggest bed offered is a double.
: the rooms are tiny.
: the bathrooms are laughable small. envision having your legs under the sink while you pee.
: there’s a rotary phone in your room. and a dial radio.
: no clock. no tv. a physical key.
: hotel congress is pet friendly.
: you are staying in a hotel built in 1919 and it has the thin windows and walls to prove it.
: the hotel is situated right by an active train track. chooo! chooo!
: hotel congress is one of tucson’s hottest bars, restaurants and music venues meaning…

that’s right… hotel congress is a noisy hotel. they tell you this when you’re booking. they remind you when you check in. and just in case the earplugs on your pillow aren’t enough, they hit you over the head with a full page note on your bedside table that screams: do not call us to complain about noise.

but! if you’re one of the people who’s going to be joining the fun at the congress bar, eating late night at the restaurant and dancing at the shows until the wee hours of the morning, it’s probably the perfect spot for you. we absolutely loved it.

our room is the second window from the left.
restaurant & bar patio that hosted late night live music both nights we were there.

you’re welcome to check your key in and out from the front desk – ha!

the classic tucson desert paint job that’s currently uber hip.
view from our room’s window. damn loitering hipsters.
so much historic charm.
in tucson, the hotel congress is the place to be for all ages and walks of life.
if you decide to go, here are some great spots within walking distance:
: hub restaurant & creamery (website) — good for lunch, dinner or just drinks & apps at the bar (what we did)
: 47 scott (website) — we had a fantastic dinner with erinn & john and hear they put on a delicious brunch
: cup cafe at the hotel congress (website) — tasty any time of day, reservations for hotel guest’s only
: sparkroot coffee & wine bar (website) — two-story, open-aired hip little cornerside shop
: playground tucson (website) — restaurant, bar and rooftop nightclub until the wee hours of the am
: thunder canyon brewery (website) — the typical brewery vibe and menu
: maynard’s market & kitchen (website) – an old railroad station turned market and french restaurant

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