coachella 2013: memories from day two.

day two of this year’s coachella was one of the best coachella days ever. everything clicked. everyone was really starting to know each other, the daytime pool party was rockin’, the weather was perfect, the lineup was amazing, i got on ting’s shoulders for the first time and our extended group of 20+ managed to all meet up and stick together for a large portion of the evening. that in itself is a huge festival win.

but one of my favorite parts was that me, jenny and colby decided to leave the house before the rest of the group. and thanks to colby’s giant balloon, we didn’t have to worry about meeting up later – they’d find us. why so awesome? because in all the years we’ve been going, it’s never been just the three of us on the polo fields. for a little bit, it was just us girls. doing our festival thing.

funny story: as we were walking out of our gated community on our way to the festival, a couple pulled up and offered to give us a ride to the entrance. i was convinced we were getting kidnapped (and colby saw it on my face), but the three of us – and the balloon – jumped into the car for the 2-minute ride, gave them a “tip,” they handed us three jolly rancher candies in return and we were on our way to see Portugal. The Man. soooo random. but its the unpredictability and a feeling of being invincible that makes coachella so magical.

DJ Dino was mixing all the groovy poolside tunes.
have you been to a vegas pool party? it felt like the dino was up on a stage in looking down at everyone in the pool (his crowd hadn’t yet arrived in this photo).
jenny, jacqueline, miad & peter
ladies who brought the amazing persian chicken salad.
tingy was lovin’ the pool parties.
spa party!
dino photo bomb.
our flock of flamingos.
renegade banana.
ting ting the dancing machine!
here comes sexual chocolate!
colbs dropping the beat!
me with lady love, carly.
found lurking behind the palm tree.
mr. klem.
ahhh… that looks so refreshing right about now.
mere the carrera creeper.
someone is feelin’ sassy.
patio dance party, time. epic snap.
…aaaannnd then we shifted from pool party to polo fields.
the three of us arrived. not kidnapped. and wish jolly ranchers.
lines at this year’s coachella were waaaay longer than usual. when we were at the front of the taco stand line, a guy gave us $80 to buy him $30 worth of tacos – keep the change. sure! no problem.
this photo sums up jenny’s best quote of the weekend:
“my heart is smiling so big right now”
mainstage beer garden.
feet up & feelin’ juuuust fine.
three little shadows.

grass nap in the do lab.
colbs & her international house guest.
those are battlin’ eyes. i spy a challenge.
the crew all together for The Postal Service.
our attempt at a group photo on saturday night.
jenny… was in the bathroom. weird.
kory just feels like dancin’ dancin’

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