coachella 2013: moments captured on day one.

get excited. you’re going to get three coachella posts. one for each day.

no two coachellas have ever been the same, but this year was especially different for two key reasons:

#1. a new home. it was awesome. everything we’d always dreamed of for coachella and more. the key ingredients were 1) pool 2) spa and 3) walking distance to the festival. i booked this house a year in advance, so it was a great feeling to walk in and realize that it wasn’t a dream, we weren’t being scammed and we really were that close. you could hear the festival and see the lights from our backyard. pretty rad.

#2. the other big point of distinction was our new and very international coachella crew. among us, we had the following countries represented: australia, sweden, canada, latvia, the united kingdom & more. it was a big, colorful, professional party crew.

for me, having the pool was a blessing and a curse. the daytime pool parties and late night spa soaks were the best, but i got daily anxiety and the guilts for not getting to the festival earlier each day. considering my dwelling problem i did a pretty job of reminding myself to just go with it and accept that this was a new way for us to do the festival. i know ting loved the pool parties and this was one of his fave year’s yet.

i say it each year, but this year would be especially impossible to sum up in words. it was kinda like a big “did all that really just happen?” i’ll let the photos in these next few posts do the talking. enjoy. xx

cup of coffee & breakfast in a bikini? don’t mind if i do.

approximately 10:30 am.
our resident rockstar, jenny.
not quite sure why i love this photo so much, but i do.
peter & the palm tree.
12 little flamingos kept our cocktails a float.
i could have watched miad dance allllll day long.
chris and kory takin’ advantage of the game room.
walkin’ in.
we’re here! it’s an indescribable feeling.
longshot joe! our fellow balloon guy.
i may have been a little obsessed with my romper.
of monsters & men.

a personal fave. holga style.
our friday crew. a ting & his three groupies.
see the rhinos in there working the “power station” – it ran the lightning art installation.
ting heard the sound and bolted (like that pun?) to see the lightning.
the giant coachella snail that moved around the polo fields.
so, um, yeah. the sahara tent (dance tent) was more than double its regular size. un. real.
ha! spotted on the guy in front of us in mojave.

the mirage modern structure for shade in the day and projections at night.
one of the coolest art installations to-date. danny & jenny went to a few cocktail parties there – with stuffed blue cheese olives.
warm nighttime weather was so lovely considering last year’s coldchella.
chubbies twins. check out chubbies shorts here:
freaking do-lab fire show awesomeness.


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