coachella 2013: the weekend’s windy end.

wind is the worst element. period. end of story. no debating it.
sunday started out just like every coachella day before it,
but ended with an insane sandstorm blowing through indio’s polo grounds.
we stuck it out at the festival for as long as we could,
but the red hot chili peppers just couldn’t keep us from heading back home
for hot showers, pizza, yoga & stories in the spa.
despite the terrible trifecta of elements (wind, cold & sand), sunday night was one of my favorites.
there’s something bittersweet about the day, but you know it’s all coming to an end,
so you just milk it for everything you can. and that we did… high fives at five. boom.
hot tubbin’ & festival lovin’
and then things heated up… yeah ting!
the final walk. so bittersweet.
jenny + jake
the convertible ride that lasted er – 30 seconds. U-TURN. hahaha
cool hitch hikers for a split second.
balloon girl is NOT pleased with the wind.
the beginning of the sunday sandstorm. shiiiittttt.
whatchya lookin’ at car? wind blown ladies waiting for the rest of the crew.
winds + orbs do not mix.
my fave. colby is the mysterious balloon girl.
sunday morning. before “blowchella” happened.
the sunday ants come marching in.
oh, the poor campers. we felt so bad for them with the wind. campsites everywhere were destroyed.
gobi at dusk.
kory & carly.
colbs.. chris.. klem. expanding the festival family.
coachella, she’s a natural beauty.
because snackin’ makes me feel like dancin’
james blake.

i was and am obsessed with this look.
that’d be my fist. PUMPED.
…did NOT show up on saturday night. rude. we missed booka shade for r. kelly. wahh wahhhhh.
starting to get squinty. look at that dirt haze. eew.
i decided to be an eden garden fairy on the wrong day. stupid sand.
boomshakalaka! this crew is on a mission and lookin’ fierce.
pete & colbs = coachella canaries. gonna fly away like a birdie.
can’t keep these canaries caged. dancin’ birds.
who got dog blood on earl’s sweatshirt? (that’s for you d, colbs & pete)
getting crazy in the hazy.
mr. paul meredith gettin’ down in the yuma dome.
droppin’ the bass in the yuma dome.
the ferris wheel’s final sunset. i’d love to know how many photos were taken of that iconic wheel.
the sandstorm gear came out. we’re crew prepared for the desert extremes.
granola bars. leggings. bandanas. moccasins. socks. ain’t gonna let a little sand ruin our sunday.
our sunday night festival family. through sun and sand.
this is what it looks like when 37+ mile-per-hour winds and a sandstorm blows through coachella.
colby still rockin’ the shades to protect the contacts. no big.
oh my god. you see our faces? yeah, we weren’t wearing gray face paint. that’s DIRT on us when we walked in. and we actually cut our walk home down by more than a half mile when a dear couple in a mini van pulled over and offered us a ride – that’s what coachella karma is all about. 
aaaannnnnd that’s a wrap.
well, for the blog at least.
coachella ’13, you’ll go down in history.
until next time.
musical recap.
some fave sets: hot chip, alt-j, yeah yeah yeahs, the xx, portugal. the man, phoenix, passion pit, the postal service
eh, just alright: of monsters & men, tegan & sara, pretty lights, band of horses
sadly missed: tanlines, lumineers, luciano, two door cinema club, la roux, wild nothing, parov stelar (no show!) and the list goes on…
my final wish is that the Goldenvoice Gods take note of the crazy weather patterns that plague this earlier April weekend (no joke, look back in time. the evidence is there). Pretty please return Weekend #1 back to its previously perfect third weekend in April and push the new Weekend #2 slot back a measly week.
survivors of Coldchella & Blowchella


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