flamenco night & menu favorites at downtown’s gallo blanco.

danny had a craving for mexican food, so off to gallo blanco we went. when we got there, it was packed and we realized we had stumbled upon “flamenco wednesdays.” we thoroughly enjoyed our unexpected cultural evening that accompanied our tasty food and my delicious peach sangria. if you’re in phoenix, we highly recommend gallo blanco for both food & vibe – plus, it’s super inexpensive. and as mentioned here, it’s not your typical greasy mexican food, it’s more “mexico city” cuisine.some of our gallo blanco favorites are:
pork and/or chicken quesadillas: made with mini taco-sized corn tortillas so they’re the perfect appetizer.
chips & guacamole: with fresh citrus like oranges, pineapple and mushed inside.
carne asada burro: do not imagine filibertos. it’s “dry” in a homemade tortilla filled with fresh avocado, salsa & beans
ensalada cortada: chopped kale, egg, avocado, crunchy peas, tomato, seeds & corn nuts. great app or entree.
inca salad: quinoa, corn, dried cranberries, tomato, arugula, mint + other veggies. it’s totally delicious.
fish tacos: it’s tacos al a carte, so you can get a bunch to sample. the fish are the best.
posole: huge bowl of soup with chunks of pork and hominy + cilantro, cabbage & peppers to add yourself.

last week we went out with a group of friends and tried gallo blanco’s new sister restaurant Otro Cafe.
good food, but the vibe wasn’t for us. ambiance was just “eh” and the service was “eh”
let’s put it this way, we’ll be sticking with the otro gallo balco – downtown.


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