(i’m a) sewing machine.

that’s right. a few weeks ago i finally pulled my christmas gift out of it’s box and set her up in the dining room.

i was pleasantly surprised how it all came flooding back to me from both my youth and “first stitch” sewing class… winding and threading the bobbin, adjusting stitch lengths & all that jazz. such a great creative outlet. it’s kind of addicting. i’d tell you what i’ve been making, but it’s pretty much a bunch of gifts, soooo i can’t.

i can tell you that danny was pretty impressed that instead of sending one of my coachella looks off to the tailor (i’m hell bent on wearing this romper, but there were some major fit issues – just ask colby), i decided to tackle the project myself. just me & my sewing machine along with some measuring & pining help from ting. and after becoming an expert with the old stitch ripper, things finally look great. done and done.

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