music trivia night at the crescent ballroom.

last sunday we joined alex, heather and alicia for indie rock trivia night at the crescent ballroom and it was the perfect way to wind down the weekend. we rode our bikes over around 6:30 pm, had a beer, played some trivia with friends and cruised home at 8 pm to grill dinner.

despite being convinced we wouldn’t be much help at all (alex, heather & alicia are all music mavens), it was fun to see how everyone brought something different to the table and contributed. it’s not strictly music trivia – there’s a mix of pop culture, history (dad – you’d be so disappointed i missed the first line of Moby Dick) & other random stuff like… what animal is on the fruit stripes gum wrapper? spell hemorrhoid. the theme song for “friday night lights” is by what artist?
our team wound up in third place. the top two teams get gift cards to crescent plus two tickets to an upcoming show.

who’s in for the next round?


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