post-coachella blues.

recovering from coachella is no joke. and the older we get, the longer the recovery time seems to be. the anticipation has you so high and then suddenly it’s over and you’re so low. 

it’s a mix of adrenaline and alcohol and that keeps you going non-stop for four straight days. pool parties, meeting new people, walking miles and miles each day, dancing like there’s no tomorrow – it’s the ultimate sensory overload. any one of these things alone on a regular day would wipe you out, but we mash them all together for multiple consecutive days. 
i’ve talked to a few people about this sensory stimulation. upon return, it’s like your brain is literally exhausted. coachella weekend is a complete takeover of all your senses. the noise, the colors, the sounds, the heat and the cold, the wind, the crowds, the new friends, trying to take photos, coordinate set times… and then it’s over.
i’m typing this with a head cold. i’m finally feeling back to normal, but now i’m actually sick. but ya know what? it’s worth every bit of exhaustion and i can’t wait to do it all again. 
good thing i’ve got the world’s best snuggle bunny who doesn’t mind my laziness one bit.


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