wanna talk about my hair?

yes? well thanks, because i’m pretty sure danny doesn’t want to ever again. poor guy. 
it’s a pretty bad combo — me the ultimate dweller (here) talking about hair (one of my obsessions noted here).
the decision to dye my hair brown was pretty easy for me. figured i’d try something new. give it a whirl. it’s just hair. but i had a feeling that as soon as the spring temperatures started rising and coachella was lurking around the corner, i’d the itch to get back to my golden roots – and that i did. 
however, the minute i sat in the chair at that first “back to blonde” appointment, the inevitable happened – i was really liking my brown hair. so annoying, but i charged forward and landed on a lighter, more highlighted brown. 
and so the bleaching and toning process has continued. 
as i inch closer to blonde and battle my not-so-amazing brassy undertones with Clairol Shimmer Lights purple shampoo (rave reviews), i find myself wondering if i should have given the brunette a longer run? not the original super dark brunette, but i did dig the in-between brown that had some golden highlights. 
i’m totally in the middle of a weird identity crisis.
they’re totally different looks and i do love them both for different reasons. 
strange how i was so anxious to get back to blonde and now that i’m back, i’m identifying more with the brown. 
perhaps that’s how i’m feeling because that’s what i’ve been used to now for the past five months? that and the fact that i’m still a really weird not-quite-blonde blonde?
classic case of the grass is always greener? the hair is always blonder? brunettes are better?  
who knows. 
what i’m trying to focus on is that it’s just hair, but for a girl like me, it’s never just hair. 
do i dare ask… any opinions? 


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