a full moon paella birthday party.

every weekend should be a three day weekend. no ifs, ands or butts about it.
on saturday night, a group of us celebrated our resident colombian (not to be mistaken for colUmbian), alex, with a huge and delicious paella feast (thank you, heather!) and a surprise mariachi band that was coordinated by alex’s mom in colombia.
maybe it was the full moon, i’m not sure, but there was something extra magical about that night. i know you’ve had those nights, too. the kind that are just so easy and so fun. the get-togethers that have people still buzzing days later about what a good time was had. that particular warm desert night reminded us of just how lucky we are to have made such a solid group of arizona friends. the kind of friends that allow you to come as you are and sing loudly out-of-key, who laugh at your bad jokes and gently tease back, and those who will hold your hand on the trampoline and groove right alongside your terrible washing machine dance moves.
a little bit of everything in this video from alejandro’s 38th birthday paella party. xx

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