a mama’s influence.

mother’s day used to be pretty straightforward. my mom + her day. and while it’ll always be about my mom, each may, the list of wonderful moms in my life grows a little longer.

my wonderful mother-in-law, my sister-in-laws who gave me beautiful nieces and a nephew, and (so many!) of my dear girlfriends who are now on the other side of celebrating the holiday.  
you were all on my mind today. 
lately, i’ve thought a lot about how much i genuinely love talking to each of you and listening to your stories and points of view about pregnancy, parenting and life with kids. the bits of advice. the candid conversations only daughters, sisters and girlfriends can really have. i reflect and mentally file them all away.
i’m not quite ready to be a “real” mom yet (and that i expect a little special treatment this day for being a mother to huntie drives danny nuts), but i already know that my mom-style will be made up of bits of all of you. for real.
like each of you, i anticipate i’ll have my own approach, strengths and challenges, but without a doubt i’m already better off for knowing each of you mamas. from instagram and blogs to happy hours and skype, i feel fortunate to have an inside and inspirational look into motherhood with so many wonderful moms. i imagine my admiration for you will only grown when i have a child of my own. until then, i hope each of you had a perfect mother’s day. xo
a mother’s day skype session with shmer and her two littles down under – dyllbug & ellie
the focus of the conversation: dyllan’s new ballet shoes. too cute.


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