a morning at phoenix art museum.

greeted by a “made in china” t-rex.

every. single. butterfly was applied by hand. watch this video – really cool. we happened to bump into our friends john & ruben at the exhibit. ruben was the translator of this video. 

walls and walls filled with thousands of butterflies.
part of the exhibit “order, chaos and the space between”
large format photography prints are pretty trippy.
my favorite. i call this “ancient concert goer” 
see the guy standing behind his girlfriend who’s totally jamming out with his hands up making the “rock on” symbol? whoooo! 

that’s one giant pencil drawing. and a whole lot of lead.

the digital print fashion exhibit (more here). modern fashion. my look wasn’t quite so avant garde.

beautiful day in downtown phoenix.
everything in bloom.

cruising home oh the bike i love so much.
who wants to join us next time? 
we’d love to get some use out of our member guest passes. just say the word.
i have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of this summer’s triple-digit days 
wandering around the phoenix art museum. 
check out upcoming exhibits & more at phxart.org

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