angela & nick’s fijian fiesta wedding.

Angela + Nicoli
Saturday, May 18, 2013
it was a multi-cultural affair at the dream manor inn atop a hilltop in globe-miami, arizona.
the mexican bride + the fijian groom
there were mariachies, borongs (sheer tops the bridal party guys wore), bula shirts, beans & rice.
200 brightly-dressed guests raised glasses to the best man’s irish toast before la grand marcha.
the warm, breezy spring day was the backdrop to just the right amount of brightly colored decor.
it was a day that so many of us have been excited for,
and it was truly the blending of two unique individuals and families into one.
when the bride spoke, she acknowledged the wonderful feeling of having everyone in her hometown.
when the groom took the mic, he encouraged guests to mix and mingle because,
“you’re all surrounded by amazing people tonight.”
everything was authentic to the core.
angela looked stunning. nick was glowing.
it was a wedding where you could feel the love.
the view from the lovely dream manor inn.
program fans made during our DIY nights.
miss kristina & rachel. my matching coral ladies.
pretty ribbon tassels blowing in the breeze. remember all this ribbon and lace?
almost every female guest embraced the springtime, bold, fiesta theme. it looked really pretty together.
three of the sweetest ring bearers ever. angela’s blonde godson, dominic, was so proud.
nick’s parents up front rockin’ the traditional island attire.
sand ceremony in honor of the islander side.
 “queue the mariachis” yelled the bride as she walked down the aisle!
gorgeous cocktail hour setting.
signature bride & groom cocktails.
brad surprised all the guests when he belted out a song with the mariachi band!
angela’s aunt & uncle on the left and nick’s mom dancing with angela’s dad on the right. so cute!
lace-covered seating board frame for all 24 tables!
the bride got her beans and rice (told you)! a true g-town fiesta.
oodles of pretty florals in thrifted multi-colored vases. the groom is the ultimate goodwill shopper.
miss rachel’s mister couldn’t attend, so she was my sister-wife for the evening.
“my sweet love” mini candy bags as favors.
stunning reception space.
first dance as mr. & mrs. to “god blessed the broken road.” it was pretty emotional.
the sweetheart table with the same lace tablecloth danny and i had on our wedding table.
maybe the most gorgeous wedding cake i’ve ever seen and it was made by a friend – alicia’s sister, emily.
so so so beautiful and perfect. inside was red velvet and every. single. bite. was eaten! that never happens!
time to boogie! outside dance floor. honorary maids in blue.
nick’s niece was the best dancer there – for real. she had rhythm and moves like no other.
love this novia.
fantastic DJ who extended the party an extra hour! everything from traditional mexican songs to daft punk and bob dylan.
i may have had a request or two.
alicia, andi, camille & moi.
i love a bride & groom who like to boogie.
rachel, erinn & me.
“clip it, d!” – angelism #1,490.
and then my shoes came off. and lived on the DJ table.
girls-only dance party with the bride!
few of the bridesmaids had up-do meltdowns that resulted in a bobby-pin covered dancefloor.
and thheeeennn the party continued back at the apache gold casino.
me & wee wee winning big and keeping things classy at the casino.
the navajo nation has excellent taste in carpet.
… can’t say the same about 2am snack bar food. yes, snack bar.
nachos. fries. chicken nuggets. jalepenos. ranch for days.


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