baking for a craving.

it’s official. i’m a terrible baker
good thing i usually only crave all things savory. but when i do want something sweet and my dear husband obliges me and runs out to the market for whipped chocolate frosting at 8:30pm, it’s a shame i can’t pull off the boxed Trader Joe’s Golden Yellow Cake (supposedly delicious). burnt to a crisp and i pulled them out of the over 10 minutes early!
my baking disaster was almost as bad as Scottsdale’s Amy Bakery & Bistro meltdown… actually, no. it wasn’t that bad. 
did you hear about this recent fiasco? a couple of years ago, the Scottsdale restaurant’s owner became infamous after publicly bashing a Yelper for a poor review. well, the restaurant was recently on Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares” show (watch both clips here) and then last night the couple had a full blown public Facebook meltdown (read some here) which they’re now blaming on hackers. this will go down in history books as the #1 case study of how brands should not use social media. holy smokes. it’s epically bad. enjoy. 


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