oohh lala! angela’s bachelorette party.

{the bride. obviously.}
sometimes i forget how insanely gorgeous this state of ours is. sedona’s red rocks.
the ladies celebrating lala!

on april 27, 20 girls headed up to northern arizona’s wine country for a full-day of limo rides, cheese eating and wine tasting followed by a night of wild girly fun in sedona. well, not really wine tasting. more like bottle drinking in the grass, but whateves. it was 24-hours of non-stop fun and a bachelorette party to be remembered!

arizona’s alcantara winery was our first stop.
the same wine tour seen here. if you’re in arizona and like wine and sunshine, the tour is a must do.
the perfect combo of bridal accessories.
the MOH soaking it all up and finally relaxing because everything was perfect.
wee wee on empty. gotta fix that girl.
me & “mom” – anissa, angela’s sister-like cousin. the hippest 45-year-old on the block. knee brace & all.
camille and erinn just lookin’ picnic-cool in the shade.
trouble. nissa and rima. i’m keeping my distance. don’t disturb the wild animals.
some of the coolest az ladies.
wine tourin’ in style. pure class. extended caddy.
poppin’ bottles.
and toasting lala.
camille lookin’ sassy on the run.
the bride getting her bachelorette stamp at stop number two.
me, excitedly explaining a game we’re about to play.
time to crack open our to-go containers of cheese, crackers, grapes & baguettes. so clutch.
inevitable at any wine-related bachelorette party. my bachelorette dress looked the exact same way.
a perfect bachelorette party photo.
angelica to the rescue with another.. in a dixie. where your glass at, girl?
alicia having a dance with our lovely driver, ron.

the final stop, page springs winery.
as a bride, it’s so magical when you finally get to mix all your best friends and family and watch them bond…
… or fight. or have staring competitions. or ask them personal questions. yeah, good times.
this picture cracks me up.
alicia, i suggest you go in for the hug. just go with it.
the view from our hotel room window…
…however, alicia first noticed our amazing view of the pool. the picture above is immediately behind the pool. camille and i laughed about it all weekend. “ooohh we’ve got a sweet view of the pool” – alicia.
i introduced a few new (traditional to me) bachelorette games into the weekend. as seen here & here.
they were good fun… especially for the bride-to-be.
festive bachelorette decor.
haircuts & hugs for my aunt chilada.
sooo much fun. 
and like any good girls-only weekend, the rest of the memories will remain a secret.
12 days!


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