trader joe’s easy & delicious greek gyros.

hers & his chicken sausage gyros made with all trader joes ingredients in less than 6 minutes
{mine with extra tzatziki, his with spicy sriracha}

we eat these a lot. just ask my husband. i’m kinda addicted to them. they’re super easy, light & tasty.
…the ingredients…

(any pre-cooked trader joe’s chicken sausage flavor you’d like. we mix it up each time.)
trader joe’s middle eastern flatbread. so delicious.
veggies: chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce & slivers of pepperoncinis.

…the steps…

                         1:  slice-up 1 chicken sausage per gyro & heat as directed (microwave or stovetop)
                         2:  shred lettuce, chop tomatoes & pepperoncinis (also consider cucumbers & onions)
                         3:  heat up flatbread for 20 seconds & spread tzatziki sauce all over.
                         4:  add warm chicken sausage, veggies & sprinkle with fat-free feta cheese and pepper
                         5:  serve with a side. we like hummus & pita chips, fries, couscous or a greek salad
approximately 305 calories per gyro

(enjoy in greek. duh)


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