danny turns thirty one.

packages! lots of shirts this year. and a new tie clip.
hunter was really interested in the oatmeal creame pies that came in vicky & joe’s box.
mr. huntie helping with the unwrapping.

the birthday boy wanted mac & cheese + hot dogs, so that’s what he got. i found “man of action” shapes and was really excited about it.
in his defensive, it wasn’t as bad as i thought it’d be. i think the previews before the movie were the worst part. they were all very focused on one demographic: dude.

we checked out the sunday pool scene at hotel palomar in downtown phoenix.
dj shawn watson brought his american bulldog “buck” to the pool. buck is cool.
enjoying some poolside beats.
downtown view from our lounge chairs.
muddled berry cocktails. my go to in the summertime.
a friendly game of poolside pong. i may have beat the birthday boy :)

preparations for the big upcoming camping trip.
heaven for him.
when in rome…

gallo blanco. a downtown favorite that’s made quite a few appearances on the blog.
my fave: mini chicken quesadillas.
the BEST salad
captain safety informed me that a lot of people break their teeth on corn nuts. i managed to escape lunch with an empty plate and a full grill.
long story, but i made three trips to the grocery store over 2-days before i (kinda) finally pulled these off.
….and then i dumped an entire batch of mix out and started all over again.
this photo is 100% candid. i was so mad and annoyed when he snapped it while laughing hysterically.
i wish i was kidding about how bad i am at baking. it’s a true story.
in my defensive the bag was cut and i saw 4-cups of flour, not 2 3/4 cups. whoops.
so danny came to the rescue and stepped in to help out.
we decided i’ll be the mom that contributes to bake sales by planning & promoting them. period.

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  • […] our last attempt was a total fail, so i googled “best chocolate chip cookie recipe” and found one with 5,500 reviews and 5-stars. we gave it a go and after the first batch came out of the oven, we looked at each other and danny said, i think we finally did it. and then, the taste test came — perfect 10. chewy on the inside, a little crispy on the edge and a nice balance of cookie to chip. […]

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